The CarterGraph

A cartographic view of early modern economic and transport infrastructure.

This map is still very much under development.

The Ogilby/Lea routes layer is based on the strip maps published by John Ogilby in 1675. In 1687 Phillip Lea published a Travellers’ Guide, in which Christopher Saxton’s map of England and Wales was overlaid with ‘ye Direct and cross Roads according to Mr Ogilby’s late Survey … now Corrected with new Additions‘. There is evidently a considerable degree of route persistence since the seventeenth century, and this digital edition of Lea’s map is at present largely conformed to late nineteenth-century roads. However, we will be seeking local expertise to collaborate on tagging and modifying sections which have been incorrectly assigned to roads created (for example) on enclosure or diverted since 1687 by canals, turnpikes, and railways.