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This page lists contacts relevant to the Via Regiae public history project.

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Christina Beckers, Head of Digital Humanities im Akadamienprojekt Prize Papers, Institut fuer Geschichte, Geschichte der Fruehen Neuzeit, Carl von Ossietzky Universitaet Oldenburg - Oldenburg Prize Papers Project

Dr Keith Briggs - Mathematician & Philologist

- Notes and links on place-name topics

- Publications; Google Scholar

- The etymology of ‘road’. Notes & Queries, volume 65, issue 2, 1 June 2018, pages 180–183, doi link. OUP online version.

- Dictionary of Suffolk Place-names (2016)

- The distribution of distance of certain place-name types to Roman roads. Nomina 32, 43-57 (2009)

Dr Mikki D. Brock - Associate Professor of History, Williams and Lee, Virginia

Stuart Brookes (UCL) - New data release: Bridges of Medieval England, 25 July 2019; The Leverhulme Trust project Travel and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England


John Chandler - John Chandler (ed.), John Leland's Itinerary: Travels in Tudor England (A. Sutton, 1993)



Dr Paul S. Ell - Queens University Belfast - The Historical Gazetteer of England's Place Names


Dr David Fletcher - University of Sussex; Visiting Research Fellow (Geography) - London Guildhall University; Senior Lecturrer in History

My research is on the history of cartography and although trained as a geographer, I am now a History lecturer. I graduated in Geography from St. John's College, University of Oxford in 1982. My Ph.D. thesis was entitled "Estate Maps of Christ Church, Oxford: The emergence of map-consciousness c. 1600-1840." My supervisor was Professor Roger Kain, Professor of Geography. The Ph.D. was awarded in July 1990. From September 1990 to August 1992 I was Tutor in Geography at the University of Exeter. In September 1992 I took up the post of Lecturer in Geography at City of London Polytechnic, subsequently renamed London Guildhall University. In 1998 I became a Senior Lecturer in History having been re-deployed at the same institution
Currently holds a British Academy research grant. The project title is ‘The History of Parish Boundary Records in England: Documents and their Significance.')

Justine Firnhaber-Baker - Saint Andrews; French road mapping


Karl Grossner - World Historical Gazetteer


David Hardy - Queens University Belfast

David Harrison - David Harrison, The Bridges of Medieval England: Transport and Society 400-1800 (Oxford, 2004)

Michael Hicks - Overland Trade Project

Jennifer Holt - 1686 beds and stabling survey

Bart Holterman - University of Goettingen; Viabundus project - Beta Viabundus website

Dr Angela Huang - Viabundus



Dr Graham Jones - GIS expertise; working with Dr John Langton on Forests, Chases, and Parks - Research Associate in the University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment, and Assistant to Dr Jack Langton at St John's College, where we have been working together since 2003 on the history and geography of English and Welsh Forests and Chases. The work has been supported by the College, Special Research Project grants by the Marc Fitch Fund, in 2007 and 2014, and the British Academy. Together we edited Forests and Chases of England and Wales, c. 1500 to c. 1850: Towards a survey and analysis (Oxford, St John's College, 2005, distributed by Oxbow Books) and a companion volume, Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales, c. 1000- c. 1500, published in 2008, revised 2010.

"With John Langton, An Atlas and Gazetteer of Forests and Chases in England and Wales (Chichester, Phillimore, forthcoming)".



Dr Chris Langley - Reader in Early Modern History, Newman University, Birmingham

Professor Keith Lilley - Queens University Belfast - @profkdlilley

Dr John Langton - Emeritus Research Fellow of St John's College, Oxford - Former lecturer in Geography and Fellow and Tutor in Geography at St John's College, Oxford





Tom Pert - Online Development Manager @RCAHMWales - The List of Historic Place Names of Wales

Niels Petersen - University of Goettingen; Viabundus project



Dr Gethin Rees - Lead Curator, Digital Mapping

- Coordinating the Georeferencer crowd-sourcing project

- One of two activity coordinators of the Visualisation and Analysis workstream of the Pelagios Network

- Cambridge PhD on South Asian archaeology, with strong geo-spatial component

- Previously worked on two collaborative ERC funded history projects: Beyond Boundaries and Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire, and as a sotware developer

Elaine Reid - Queens University Belfast

Glenn Robson - Technical Coordinator, IIIF Consortium


Dr Max Satchell - CAMPOP, University of Cambridge

Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor - CAMPOP, University of Cambridge

Dr Rainer Simon - Technical director, Recogito - Recogito








Dr Tomasz Związek - Early Modern historian; Environmental historian

- Instytut Geografi i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania Polski Akademia Nauk [Institute of Geography and Spatial Organiszation Polish Academy of Sciences]

- @HerrBund