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Volunteer Team Facilitator


Conduct own geolocation and annotation activities on the maps or texts on which own team is working

Lead and facilitate small team of three or four volunteer associates

Hold once a week team ZOOM call to review progress in past week and to plan next week's team activities

Supplement the initial training of volunteer associates, which they will receive before start of each ten week cycle, with informal training at team ZOOM meetings

Give advice and support to team members during week via Team Channel on ViaeRegiae Slack board, and via one to one ZOOM or other calls if needed


Volunteer facilitators and their teams will work on annotating maps and texts drawn from a list of candidate projects


All facilitators (and the associates with whom they are working) will be encouraged to synthesise material they are working on and to publish their observations and insights on the Viae Regiae wiki, on the @ViaeRegiae Twitter account and on their own social media presences.

Facilitators (and associates) active in local history societies, archival networks, and genealogy groups will be encouraged to share the findings from their work.

Facilitators (and associates) studying for undergraduate and post graduate degrees will be encouraged to make use of insights and data they and the project generates in their own academic work, with proper acknowledgement

All content work product generated by associates and team facilitators will be made available to the commons under a CCBY3.0 licence


All team facilitators will receive training prior to the start of a ten week cycle of work in Phase One

The training will be provided one to one by the Viae Regiae team trainer Colin Greenstreet, and will be supplemented with written and visual material in the Viae Regiae wiki

There will also be an opportunity for all team facilitators to come together as a group prior to the launch of their teams to exchange learnings and to develop nascent links between the teams for best practice sharing

The Team trainer will be available as a resource to Team Facilitators and through those Facilitators to all associates as and when needed

Resources to call upon

Viage Regiae trainer Colin Greenstreet

Viae Regiae technical leader Stephen Gadd

Other team leaders

Time commitment

Four hours per week for ten weeks in a single Phase One cycle

Four hours prior to launch of the ten week cycle to participate in wiki, Slack, recogito, gazetteer and content training

Useful links

Facilitator training

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Associate training

ViaeRegiae Slack Board - available once volunteers have registered and been confirmed