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Welcome to the Viæ Regiæ Wiki

This is the repository for everything related to this public history project, Mapping the Transport Network of England & Wales, 1530-1680.

We are not simply aiming to map the developing network of roads and waterways over a century and a half from the early years of the English Renaissance, and nor do we suggest that by 1680 the network was already fit to serve an emerging industrial economy. Rather, we want to examine the developments that did occur, as indicators of economic, industrial, and demographic change. We want to discover how, where, when, and to what extent the nation was already industrialising in the centuries before the so-called Industrial Revolution. And we want to look at factors that influenced the likelihood of a settlement developing into a commercially successful town.

We suggest you start by exploring the Overview section of the menu to the left of the screen, and by looking at some of our Live Projects and other 'Seed Projects' that we hope to launch in the coming months. If this whets your appetite, please then move on to the Volunteering section, and we'll look forward to working with you.

To introduce the project, here is the presentation we gave to launch it during an online seminar hosted by the Centre for the History of People, Place and Community (CHPPC) at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) on 10th February 2021.

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