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We have established, or are in the process of establishing formal partnerships with the following organisations:

The Cambridge Group for the History of Population & Social Structure (CAMPOP)

Transport, urbanization and economic development in England and Wales c.1670-1911

Marine Lives

Lives touched by the marine, 1540-1680. Commerce, materials, language and correspondence

The Pelagios Network

Connecting researchers, scientists and curators to link and explore the history of places


Mapping transport and mobility across Europe between 1350 and 1650


The purpose of this project is to improve Wikidata's coverage of England and Wales in the 1500s and 1600s. In pursuit of this goal, we will partner with the collaborative Viae Regiae (Q105547906) project as they work to build a Gazetteer of Early Modern England and Wales (Q105548625). A charter for the collaboration can be found on the Viae Regiae website.