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We have a number of ideas for self-contained projects that we might take forward, subject to establishing an effective technical framework, assessment of the likely workload of each, and the scoping of the necessary volunteer network and their training requirements.

Ρ Indicates projects employing Recogito (to match places and features recorded in source material with entities encapsulated in existing gazetteers, and to identify unmatched features).

λ Indicates projects that can be undertaken largely during lockdown, without access to physical archives.


These are ideas for projects which require preliminary research and consideration. They must demonstrate a clear relevance to our core aim of furthering research into the transportation and economic development of England and Wales between 1530 and 1680.


These are projects considered ready for action, subject to volunteer recruitment.

Phase 1

March-September 2021

Phase 2

Commencing October 2021

Please contact us with other suggestions!