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Sandbox Testing Page for Christina

As historian by training I am interested in the restrictive and empowering elements of practices in social dynamics in historical settings. My focus here are diverse pre- and configurations of perceptive dimensions, i.e. emotions, and notions and concepts of temporality and spatiality.

Since 2018 I am coordinator of the Prize Papers Project. Working on this project and its archive, I developed an interest in the use of data in research, but also in the organisation and orchestration of the social, specifically in relations of power.

Thoughts and questions concerning Viae Regiae wiki audiences and strategy

  • On which grounds do you pick which channels to attack potential volunteers?
  • Which level of technical understanding do your collaborators need?
  • Which training tools/ practices/ frequencies are you using?
  • Do you have any needs, structures, means of QC?
  • Several, more detailed questioned relating to legal and technical areas of the project