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Sandbox Testing Page for Tyler

Below is the proposed layout for the 'Volunteers Section' of the Wiki with my own bio and photo included.

Agenda for 15/01: Wiki Audiences and Strategy Meeting

Feel free to add/edit as necessary

Introductions and Welcome to Christina

Establish and Clarifiy Aims and Ethos of Viae Regiae

a. What are we creating?

- Content

- Learning

- Community

- Change

b. Quick and dirty not a tradeoff with high quality

- Publish as we go does NOT conflict with respected, accurate academic output

- Quick and dirty, low cost, flexible processes

Discuss Phase 1A (e-Leland) and Phase 1B (Quarter Sessions), RE volunteer recruitment targets

a. Goals and Outputs of Phase 1A & Phase 1B

b. Advance skills (if any) needed from volunteers

c. Training needs of volunteers

Identify Audience and Role(s) for Wiki and Social Media Channels

a. Training

b. Work processes

c. Publication

d. Documentation

COMMENT: Here are our current Viae Regiae Twitter followers

Identify Additional Social Media Channels (e.g Facebook)

COMMENT: We have a Facebook address, but no audience/comms strategy or volunteer manager for this

Research Local and Genealogical Societies across the UK

a. To understand their interest in England and Wales spatial data 1540-1660

b. To understand how they like to communicate and what fora they tend to use

c. To think what skills they could bring to Phase One A: e-Leland and Phase One B: Quarter sessions

d. To ensure we get influencers from these groups to the Feb 10th 2021 IHR ZOOM seminar

Set date for Zoom Call with Daniella for BALH Blog

Discuss Additional Sources/Data we may wish to consult/include

Misc Comments

Stephen and Colin have a 30 minute ZOOM scheduled for Thursday, January 14th 2021 (15.00-15.30 Uk time), to discuss in advance of Viae Regiae Audiences and Strategy meeting

- VCH dataset / Technical committee

- Recogito tagging / geolocation of non-gazetteered places

- Potential 15 minute EAA Session, Sep. 2021

- BALH Article

- Alex Craven, Murray Seccombe, other EM datasets

- Changed Scope: 1530-1680? Leland (1535) & Ogilby (1675)

Wiki audiences

- Archaeologists

- Archivists

- Cartographers

- Early career scholars

- Geospatial community

- Local historians

- Retirees

- University students

Most successful Viae Regiae tweet to date (by Viae Regiae Twitter account)

Tweeted on Wednesday, January 6th 2021

Most successful Viae Regiae tweet to date (by MarineLives Twitter account)

Tweeted on Wednesday, January 13th 2021

Proposed ViaeRegiae County level Tweet series tied to volunteer recruitment for Phase 1A and Phase 1B

Tweeted on Thursday, January 14th 2021

Calling Welsh archivists, local historians, archaeologists

Tweeted on Thursday, January 14th 2021

Technical topics

a. British Library Labs

- Colin's contact is Mahendra Mahey, manager of the British Library Labs

b. IIIF International Image Interoperability Framework]

- Colin's contact is Glen Robson, IIIF-C Technical Coordinator

c. Pelagios/Recogito

- Colin's contacts are Pelagios Technical Director - Dr Rainer Simon and Dr Elton Barker

- Presentation by Dr Elton Barker of Pelagios and Recogito, October 18th, 2020, on application of Recogito to archaeological data

- Pelagios Network: Pelagios is as much about community as it is about data

d. Transkribus

- AI driven text recognition and transcription