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Features of Interest

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  • Highways and other Ways
  • Rivers


  • Tolls
  • Inns
  • Stables

River Crossings

  • Bridges
  • Ferries
  • Fords

Industrial & Agricultural

  • Windmills
  • Watermills
  • Salt production
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing


  • Markets
  • Fairs
  • Incorporation
  • Schools


  • Carriers
  • Carters / Wagoners
  • Boatmen / Watermen
  • Merchants
  • Wheelwrights / Cartwrights / Wagonmakers

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  • County Archives?

Primary Source List

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County Surviving 1540-1660 Transcription or Extracts Images Notes Details of transcription/calendar sources Links to trancription/calendar sources
Quarter Sessions (Edit this table)
Caernarfonshire 1541-1660 These records appear to be exceptionally complete. - digitised version inaccessible due to copyright

CONTRIBUTED BY DAVID ELIS-WILLIAMS: Also, I’ve noticed that you say of the Caernarfonshire Quarter Sessions, “These records appear to be exceptionally complete” but that the digitised version of the Calendar is inaccessible due to copyright. I happen to have on my shelves at home a copy of the Calendar published in 1956, which is Volume 1, 1541-1558. I don’t think that they ever got further than Volume 1, so while the records themselves in the archives are extensive, only a very limited amount is in the published Calendar. Looking through the index, there are just two references to bridges, for example. I would be prepared to collate details from the book, but suspect you may not find it worthwhile.

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