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Features of Interest

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  • Highways and other Ways
  • Rivers


  • Tolls
  • Inns
  • Stables

River Crossings

  • Bridges
  • Ferries
  • Fords

Industrial & Agricultural

  • Windmills
  • Watermills
  • Salt production
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing


  • Markets
  • Fairs
  • Incorporation
  • Schools


  • Carriers
  • Carters / Wagoners
  • Boatmen / Watermen
  • Merchants
  • Wheelwrights / Cartwrights / Wagonmakers

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  • County Archives?

Primary Source List

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County Surviving 1540-1660 Transcription or Extracts Images Notes Details of transcription/calendar sources Links to trancription/calendar sources
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Offers to help at county/local level

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Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs @ViaeRegiae When you’ve got things going, I could be up for helping with details for Northumberland in particular. Let me know. TwitterTwitter | Today at 7:15 PM

Information via Twitter

Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs

Jan 17 I’m currently looking at a Star Chamber case from the 1590s Northumberland, which appears to make a repeated distinction between Hignways and trade ways, not one I’d seen before. Viæ Regiæ @ViaeRegiae

Jan 17 That sounds really interesting! I wonder, do the 'trade ways' seem to fit Coke's superior third class of road as defined at, as opposed to the lesser highways for horse and foot traffic? Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs

Jan 17 It’s a bit of a puzzle at the moment, although I’m quite confident which high way is referred to, this particular case doesn’t mention where the trade ways were from/to, so it’s quite difficult to work out which they were. I’ll send you a link when the t/s is available. Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs

Jan 17 The case refers to a fracas during an attempted arrest, with the implication perhaps being in that context that an assault on the high way would be different somehow to one on a trade way. Viæ Regiæ @ViaeRegiae

Jan 17 That does sound very interesting indeed from a legal perspective. Looking forward to seeing the transcript! Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs

COMMENT: COLIN GREENSTREET - We should contact a legal hisorian spacialising in C16th/C17th common law?

3h t/s are now available at these are interrs & depos for two of the defendants, and mention high way, trade way & salt way. I'm confident about the high way, no real idea about the trade way(s), 1/2 Northumberland & Durham historical docs @n_docs

3h 2/2 there may be a clue for the salt way as there is an old Salter's Bridge 2 or 3 miles away - subject for further research! for info, other docs in the case are at & Viæ Regiæ @ViaeRegiae

1h Wonderful! Thanks for getting back to us on this. We need to look at it closely, and also at the potential of other relevant material on AALT and WAALT. #LinkedData

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