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Organising group

Stephen Gadd

Colin Greenstreet

Wiki preparation team

Christina Beckers

Colin Greenstreet

Tyler Rainford


Phase One will run from April to end September 2021, with three cycles over a period of thirty weeks. Each cycle will last ten weeks.

We are seeking to recruit three volunteer facilitators for the first cycle (in addition to Colin and Stephen, who will also facilitate). We will be recruiting additional facilitators for the second and third cycles in Phase One. First cycle facilitators will be given the opportunity to extend their roles for a second or third cycle, should they wish to do so.

Facilitators should expect to commit four hours per week to their role for the ten week duration of a cycle, so circa. 40 hours in total

Facilitator role description


We are seeking to recruit fifteen to twenty volunteer associates for Phase One, to join five facilitated teams working on mini-projects chosen from our current list of nine candidate projects. The number depends on the size of the team (three to four people per team).

Associates should expect to commit two hours per week to their role for the ten week duration of a cycle. So circa 20 hours in total.

Associate role description