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Place {{Context|date=February 2023}} at the top of an article of which you believe does not identify itself sufficiently to readers unfamiliar with its subject.

The word "article" may be replaced with "section", "list", etc. For example: {{Context|section|date=February 2023}} will produce

While the |reason= parameter can be added to almost any template to provide an in-wikitext rationale for the template (e.g., a sentence on what the concerns are) that is usually visible only to editors, the |details= parameter can be used to make the template display a (short!) indication of the contextual information that is needed. E.g., using |details=date range this organization was operating changes "... by providing more context for the reader." to "... by providing more context for the reader, especially: date range this organization was operating."


<templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "label": "What does this banner apply to?", "description": "section, list, etc.", "example": "section", "type": "string", "default": "article", "suggested": true }, "details": { "label": "Additional detail", "description": "contextual specifics that are needed", "example": "date range this organization was in operation", "type": "string", "default": "[blank]", "suggested": true }, "date": { "label": "Month and year", "description": "The month and year that this template was placed", "example": "April 2017", "type": "date", "suggested": true,

                       "autovalue": "{{SUBST:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{SUBST:CURRENTYEAR}}"

} }, "description": "Banner for the top of an article (or section) of which you believe does not identify the context sufficiently to readers unfamiliar with the subject.", "format": "inline" } </templatedata>



See also

  • {{db-context}} – when an article has so insufficient context that it is impossible to identify the subject, it may be eligible for speedy deletion under WP:A1
  • {{Context inline}} – inline template for a general context problem
  • {{Non sequitur}} – inline template for namedropping the relevance of which is unclear
  • {{Importance section}} – inline template for material of questionable relevance
  • {{Technical}} – message box template for section or article that is written in a too-technical manner

  • This template contains a self-reference (it refers to Wikipedia in its contents).
  • This template should not be substituted. Bots rely on the transcluded form for dating and categorisation.

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