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This template is intended to be placed at the top of sections of articles which need additional references. Many editors understand this template to be redundant when it is used on articles clearly marked as stubs.


This template also includes support for using the |date= parameter. Adding this parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Articles needing additional references and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. A bot will add this parameter if it is omitted. Be careful not to abbreviate the date, because then it will automatically add a redlinked category instead of the correct category. The simplest way to use this parameter manually is {{More citations needed section|{{subst:DATE}}}} but it can be done more explicitly as {{More citations needed section|date=December 2022}} (both result in the same output).

Listed below are three options for usage:

{{More citations needed section}}

{{More citations needed section|date=December 2022}}

{{More citations needed section|{{subst:DATE}}}}

{{More citations needed section|{{subst:DATE}}|talk=Talk page section name|small=y}}

{{More citations needed section|find=some search keywords}}

Find parameter
The |find= parameter is available to control the presentation and operation of the {{find sources mainspace}} links optionally displayed by the template. The find parameter can be used to provide the search keywords of your choice to the {{find sources mainspace}} links. By default, this template displays no {{find sources mainspace}} output. If desired, such display may be added, using |find= parameter. When used with a value, such as |find=search keyword(s), the output of {{find sources mainspace}} is added to the template output.

Differences from related templates

General advantages

  • The naming scheme of {{More citations needed section}} parallels that used for {{Ref begin}}, {{Ref end}}, and {{Reflist}}, thereby reducing confusion in compliance with the KISS principle.
  • {{More citations needed section}} is easy to use.

Differences from {{Primary sources}} and {{Unreferenced}}

  • {{More citations needed section}} uses simple, general wording so that the template can be used any time referencing in an article section needs improvement.

Differences from {{Citation needed}}

  • {{More citations needed section}} works for general and specific references whereas {{Citation needed}} can only be used in place of specific references.
  • Unlike {{Citation needed}}, {{More citations needed section}} places a very conspicuous banner at the top of the article section.

Note that {{Citation needed}} was formerly called {{fact}}.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for More citations needed section

<templatedata> { "params": { "date": { "label": "Month and year", "description": "Provides the month and year of the refimprove request; e.g., 'January 2013', but not 'jan13'", "type": "string", "autovalue": "{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}", "suggested": true }, "talk": {}, "small": {}, "find": {} }, "description": "This template is intended to be placed at the top of sections of articles which need additional references." } </templatedata>


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