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This template is used to identify articles or sections featuring excessive jargon, without enough explanation of concepts and too difficult for readers to understand without a background in the field. The article should be edited to be made simpler, or the presentation of the topic should be explained or reworded.

When adding this template, explain the issue in the edit summary or on the talk page. Without such explanation, editors with the knowledge to fix the issue often cannot address the issue as they do not know why the template was added in the first place.


This template adds tagged articles to Category:Wikipedia articles that are too technical and Category:Articles needing expert attention, or their dated subcategories.

  • date = adds a date. Month name and year like this date=February 2023


Basic usage

{{Technical|date=February 2023}}

With section parameter

{{Technical|section|date=February 2023}}

With focus on the introduction

{{Technical|introduction|date=February 2023}}

This template supports the "demospace" variable.

Redirects to this template

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<templatedata> { "params": { "1": {}, "small": {}, "talk": { "label": "Talk page section", "autovalue": "" }, "date": { "label": "Month and year", "description": "Month and year this template was added", "example": "January 2019", "type": "date", "autovalue": "{{subst:CURRENTMONTH}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}", "suggested": true } }, "description": "Identifies articles or sections featuring excessive jargon, without enough explanation; too difficult for readers without a requisite background to understand" } </templatedata> sv:Mall:Fackspråk