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  • This tag should be applied to articles which need additional internal links. Please note: there is no consensus on what constitutes "too few" links. Use editor discretion, and if you disagree a given article needs this tag, discuss it with the editor that placed it on the talk page, unless you deem it uncontroversial to simply remove the tag (perhaps the article has seen considerable improvement since the tag was placed?)
  • Articles with no internal links at all can instead be tagged with {{dead end}}.
  • This template will add pages to Category:Articles with too few wikilinks or one of its dated subcategories.
  • If a parameter is provided such as {{Underlinked|date=March 2023}} then the page is put into a by-date category instead. Another way to do this is to paste the following to the page: {{subst:Underlinked}} If the date is left out, a bot will add it.
  • The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste
    to the top of an article. You may also drop it into the top of a section, but please specify the "|section" option to generate the proper template text.
  • If you subst: this template, the current date will be added to the template.
  • Please do not include Category pages.
  • Date tagging syntax: {{Underlinked|date=March 2023}} or {{Underlinked|section|date=March 2023}}

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