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Project Charter

This project would identify and implement foundational tasks to enable data sharing and enrichment between Wikidata and Viae Regiae.  The proposed project would be concurrent with Phase 1 (and therefore will be scoped to be completed within a six-month timeframe).  The project will leverage Wikidata’s capabilities as a Linked Open Data (LOD) hub to connect the EMEW gazetteer to both Wikimedia resources and third-party LOD.


The project would focus on three areas:

  1. Connectivity between EMEW linked open data and Wikidata.
  2. Enriching EMEW by providing references through links to Wikidata and through Wikidata to other LOD sources.
  3. Enriching Wikidata by creating or improving Wikidata items for concepts significant to the Viae Regiae project, including places and structures in EMEW and people, publications, manuscripts, partners, and external projects used to create and reference EMEW.

Although creation of new Wikidata items and importing of individual maps or other images may happen as part of this Phase 1 project, mass uploads of image collections and mass creation of Wikidata items from EMEW metadata will be out of scope for this Phase.

Key Activities

  • Define the form of a unique identifier (EMEW ID) for items in the EMEW gazetteer that can be used as an external identifier in Wikidata. Once EMEW is created and available for Wikidata editors to explore, propose and seek approval of a new Wikidata property to carry the EMEW ID within Wikidata.
  • Identify and leverage existing processes and best practices to allow Wikidata editors to map EMEW IDs to existing Wikidata items, or to create new items when they do not exist.
  • Investigate, prototype, and recommend ways to connect Wikidata items to interactive maps and gazetteers. (Expand this)


Work that happens on Wikidata will be coordinated through a WikiProject, Wikidata:WikiProject Early Modern England and Wales. The WikiProject will promote the effort to other Wikimedia volunteers and will document the agreed processes, standards, and priorities. 

About WikiProjects

The WikiProject will follow the pattern of GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) Wikimedia partnerships. Information on the broad range of GLAM partnership possibilities is available at Case studies and considerations for projects focused on sharing institutional knowledge can be found here.

Here are examples of Wikidata WikiProjects similar to what would be created for EMEW:

The VR/Wikidata partnership will use a lightweight process, consisting of this Project Charter (when approved) in lieu of a formal Memo of Understanding.


Volunteers for the WikiProject are found on its Participant page.